On the Volga from the shore
In the morning, the Volga resembles a large lake. Almost no current, and along the coast stretch strips of greenery. HPS gates usually open at around ten o’clock. Only then…

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Fishing line requirements
The line requirements are also different. For a river with its strong course, braided fishing line that does not have elasticity and cuts water well is best suited. In addition,…

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Logs Mugs
... In the light of thunder-storm flashes, like a native of inferno, a bristling clod of four kilograms of glance at us looked from us in the net ... For…

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both of a fisherman

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What sick fish in rivers and lakes

About the most common parasites living on the bodies of fish. The questions of their vital activity are covered, whether parasites are so dangerous for humans, and much more.

Parasitological analysis of fish
Systematic scientific research that allows us to create a more or less complete list of fish parasites has not been carried out here since the 60s of the last century !!! There are, of course, very good and interesting works on this topic, but they relate, as a rule, to one reservoir or a specific species of fish, or a specific parasite (group of parasites). And so, to look and describe everything in a row, making a complete parasitological analysis of all types of fish, in all regions of the country (from the capital to the outskirts), in various reservoirs, in all seasons of the year – this has not happened for a long time.

Although, of course, in order to study in detail the parasitofauna (totality of parasites) of all species of fish in all reservoirs of the country, the work of several large institutes would have been required over the course of several generations. But it’s better to give a small piece of live, real information than not at all. Continue reading

If we get lucky

Surprises of small rivers. How can you seduce an autumn pike on a small river.

It happens that you go around the banks with a spinning rod more than one whirlpool and reach, wave away more than one kilometer, but the river seemed to have died out. Here, it seems, is the crown place: a hole surrounded by reeds, in which icy sleepy water stands and slowly swirls. The fishing line rustled, shot up, and the bait went almost to the opposite shore. Bulk … Pause … But you can’t lower the snag to the bottom, and what is the snag hiding at the bottom? You spend the lure, it seemed, where the pike certainly should be: next to dry algae and reeds. Then you send her on a journey over the pit. And water is just as lifeless, and from this it gets colder on the heart. You sit down, smoke, cursing that again only admire the scenery. Have a bite of what God sent … well, there and not only what exactly God … It seems to get warmer somewhere inside, the icy gloom will thaw.
What, they say, to us? Is it empty for the first time to come back? As if in response to an optimistic mood, the sun looks out, and everything is already appearing in a different light. You send the snag again on free flight, but this time you are no longer afraid to catch the black and green driftwood snag. Spinner lay to the bottom. Continue reading

Catch zander

Features of fishing zander on a spinning rod. Bait for pike perch. Places of fishing.

Spinning fishing for zander has its own distinctive features, one of which is the impenetrability of the mouth of this predator. In addition, zander is a capricious fish that responds to changes in the weather. Therefore, sometimes there is no guarantee that even if today the predator took well on twisters, then tomorrow everything will be exactly the same. And tomorrow, a pinwheel may become a landmark bait. Therefore, the spinner needs to have a sufficient supply of lures. In addition, it should be borne in mind that in the summer, especially in the heat, the daytime biting of zander for spinning may not take place at all. But on a summer night you can catch zander. Moreover, at this time they go to the shallow sections of the rapids and to the shallow edges near the pits.

Pikeperch spinning
Spinning for catching pikeperch should have a fast system (fast), even preferable in some cases – extra fast. It is such a hard spinning that is capable of breaking through the jaws of a pike perch when cutting. Continue reading

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