Fishing line requirements
The line requirements are also different. For a river with its strong course, braided fishing line that does not have elasticity and cuts water well is best suited. In addition,…

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Proper installation of a floating boil
How to mount a floating boilie and remove the "idle" bites? Basic rules to improve the performance of bites. Novice anglers often encounter the problem of “blank” bites when fishing…

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Arbitrariness in the reservoirs of the Krasnodar Territory
It is painful to watch how the rivers and estuaries of the Krasnodar Territory "die". Some 20-30 years ago they were full of fish, crayfish and other animals, and now…

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assembly of which

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We go fishing

The technique of fishing on the “bulldozer”. What kind of fish is being caught. The similarities and differences of the “bulldozer” from non-mountable mormyshek. The versatility of the bait.

Despite the strange name, implying something stupid, absurd, this bait is nevertheless very effective in catching a variety of predators. It can be a perch with a palm and a weighty humpback weighing a kilogram. Any other predator will not refuse the bulldozer. And here there can also be a large variation in the weight and size of the predator attacking the bait – from the mumps and gnarls to large predators. Something “bastard” fascinates the fish, and it grabs a clearly large bait for it.

“Balda”, so to speak, is part of the family of non-muzzle mormyshek and most of all resembles such bait as “devil”, “goat”, “jellyfish”. And well, if this bait will always be in the organizer of the fisherman. Continue reading

If we get lucky

Surprises of small rivers. How can you seduce an autumn pike on a small river.

It happens that you go around the banks with a spinning rod more than one whirlpool and reach, wave away more than one kilometer, but the river seemed to have died out. Here, it seems, is the crown place: a hole surrounded by reeds, in which icy sleepy water stands and slowly swirls. The fishing line rustled, shot up, and the bait went almost to the opposite shore. Bulk … Pause … But you can’t lower the snag to the bottom, and what is the snag hiding at the bottom? You spend the lure, it seemed, where the pike certainly should be: next to dry algae and reeds. Then you send her on a journey over the pit. And water is just as lifeless, and from this it gets colder on the heart. You sit down, smoke, cursing that again only admire the scenery. Have a bite of what God sent … well, there and not only what exactly God … It seems to get warmer somewhere inside, the icy gloom will thaw.
What, they say, to us? Is it empty for the first time to come back? As if in response to an optimistic mood, the sun looks out, and everything is already appearing in a different light. You send the snag again on free flight, but this time you are no longer afraid to catch the black and green driftwood snag. Spinner lay to the bottom. Continue reading

How to find your autumn fishing

A sad time … It is unlikely … An onboard fishing rod and a “warm” perch.

A good technique is a bike. A golden autumn, a chilly morning and, it happens, you will go out of town through the hoarfrost and you will be met by delicious transparent air. It has a sensation of piercing style. It smells of withered grass, a fallen leaf and, as if already, snow. Although the snow is still far away. Apparently fresh frost on the stale grass gives this smell.

And then the foggy expanse of the highway opens ahead, and gray meadows stretch along it, where sleepy cows roam and stumble over the bumps of the jerking corncrake.

In the near autumn travel we always go on bicycles. In addition to the feeling of the close nature and manifestations of its departure, the bicycle has a great advantage: we will go where cars do not get. Often, those who come to them, beat the living water with an electric shock or crap after themselves as if they were living the last day, or they will never return here. We also drive by car, for the most part – to the Volga, but this does not happen often, and when we come to the Great Water we never leave trash after ourselves. Continue reading

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Closer to the fall, the conditions of any fishing change
From a boat or shore? Aksakovskaya bream fishing. From the boat to the donka. Closer to the fall, the conditions of any fishing are changing. Especially these changes are noticeable…


Dead zone
Birch trees were gilded, maples were covered with grease, and a red leaf fell on the still icy water, blue from the same blue sky, even cold in appearance. In…


Cannibals among fish
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Fishing at night
Like many forest rivers, the Big Kokshaga is quite complex in nature and not immediately understandable even for a professional feeder or spinning. All these features must be recognized, as…