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Arbitrariness in the reservoirs of the Krasnodar Territory

It is painful to watch how the rivers and estuaries of the Krasnodar Territory “die”. Some 20-30 years ago they were full of fish, crayfish and other animals, and now they are slowly but surely turning into a fetid, fishless swamp. Who is to blame? Of course, man. With his gluttony, greed and love of money. Is it time to stop?

Coastal Poaching Networks

Fishing in the Krasnodar Territory
The Krasnodar Territory is not only the main breadbasket of our country, but also one of the most fertile regions for amateur and sport fishing. Thousands of rivers, with a total length of about 40 thousand km, lakes, ponds, estuaries, the Black and Azov Seas – all these are the lands of Kuban fishermen and numerous guests of the region.

There are a lot of fish. Different. And not only fish.
There are crayfish, crabs, shrimp, mussels, oysters. The richest bioresources. And where there is something to profit from, unfortunately, people always appear who are ready for anything for the sake of money. These are poachers.

To be fair, they were always: ten and fifty years ago. But! If earlier the damage from their activities was not so noticeable, today it is colossal. At their disposal are now high-speed vessels, navigators, echo sounders, satellite communications. Thousands of kilometers of Chinese networks, electric fishing rods, ravings, seines, drags, “spiders”, “scarves” – which is not there. In a word, all the power of technological progress is at their service. Yes, and the people themselves today have become some kind of insatiable, greedy, as if they forgot that they too will have to die.

Chamfered lures and tees for catching on the bow
Chamfered lures and tees for catching on the bow
Nobody wants to think about tomorrow
Business executives poison reservoirs with sewage, dumping them into the rivers of the region in tons. Poachers mercilessly destroy biological resources. Officials in power structures cover them in every possible way. It turns out a vicious circle. Guilty not to be found. Nobody cares that the nature of the beloved land is dying.

Autumn and spring – hot time for poachers
In the spring, fish spawns in the Kuban ponds, and later in the fall, rolls into wintering pits, where it stands rather densely. Of course, poaching also flourishes during these periods. Both single poachers (their number and appetite are steadily growing every year) and companies engaged in the fishing business and having quotas for catching certain types of fish are becoming more active.

The most significant damage is, of course, caused by legal entities engaged in allegedly legal catch. In fact, they shamelessly catch everything that just comes across in their network, flagrantly breaking the law. They are barbaric to natural wealth. Even small fish and crayfish are raked out of the water. Pay attention to what the storefronts of fish shops are filled with: in most of them there are mountains of dried 500-gram gnarls and pike. And everyone turns a blind eye to this arbitrariness. But amateur fishermen are increasingly being expelled or not allowed into water bodies under various pretexts. It is understandable: where illegal fishing occurs, no one needs extra witnesses.

Annoying tenants annoyed for whom the law is not written
They captured the best sections of the rivers and forbid people to fish quietly. Unpleasant skirmishes with these new “owners” of natural resources happen everywhere. Especially furious are the employees of the fisheries departments, insolent to the limit: they regularly invent new bans. The fishermen who caught a half-bucket of rams are fined, and those who take it from the shores of the estuary by tons are not noticed at point blank range. What is it? Who are you “fighting” against, gentlemen, fish protection inspectors? People do not need to offend. As you know, he suffers for a long time, but all patience comes to an end.

Disappointing conclusions
The fight against poaching in the Krasnodar Territory is conducted only on paper. In real life, no. Someone will object, they say, how special departments and violators are caught, and fishing gears are seized. Strange thing, why then are these fishing gears freely sold? In fishing stores, in the markets you can buy a network of different stripes in any quantity. But if the nets are illegal, then why not seize them before they get into the water?

Poaching Networks

Why chase poachers on the water? After all, in the morning they either sell the fish themselves, or sell it to buyers who have fixed points in the markets. If desired, these criminal chains can be unraveled in five minutes. But our law enforcement agencies do not have such a desire, and in the near future it is unlikely to appear. They are not interested in restoring order in this area, because they themselves have a stable income from illegal fishing.

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Arbitrariness in the reservoirs of the Krasnodar Territory
It is painful to watch how the rivers and estuaries of the Krasnodar Territory "die". Some 20-30 years ago they were full of fish, crayfish and other animals, and now…


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