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Fisherman, think: do you become a poacher?

An instructive story about how a young fisherman grew up and became a poacher. It is especially depressing that there is no fiction in it, one truth.

Quiet summer morning. The sun is shining kindly. 5-year-old boy is going fishing. He asks his grandmother to knead a little dough for him, and while she is doing this, she hurriedly searches for worms, turning over old boards, tiles – various rubbish scattered around the yard in damp places. And finally, a dozen worms crawl in a tin can, and a small hand squeezes a lump of dough – you can go to the river.

Stuffing pockets with green apples and cherry plum, the boy takes his unpretentious fishing arsenal – a reed fishing rod, a 3-liter can for fish – and barefoot mince on cool morning dust. Not far to the river. Only five minutes.

Here it is already in place. The river meets it with the native smell of silt, sonorous trills of reeds, croaking of frogs, bursts of fattening fish. The boy’s heart begins to beat faster. With trepidation, he unwinds the fishing rod, puts a red worm on the hook and makes the first cast into a small window of clean water, surrounded on all sides by a dense wall of algae.

And then a bite follows – tench! A bar of gold on a hook shimmering in the morning sun. This is good luck! The boy rejoices, his hands tremble with joy: “What will the family say when they see this handsome man.”

And that morning, he came across several large carpens, rudd and perches. He generously releases small fish. The young fisherman breaks out in a smile when he imagines his mother pouring a fragrant ear on plates, and everyone at the table admires his ability to fish.

Thirty years later
The little boy has grown. He is still fishing, but … became a poacher. He now has a boat with a motor and a whole bunch of gear: nets, ravings, venter, rakolovki, dozens of fishing rods and spinning rods. His ambition is no longer satisfied with the catch in the pan. He needs a bag of fish and preferably not one.

He began to think differently: “If the fish are not caught in fishing rods, then this is not a problem. I will tear it apart by nets, nets, a spider – it’s all the same than, but I’ll stuff the sacred bag. Not for nothing that I bought a freezer. It should be completely filled with fish. In one box there are pikes, in the other there are crucians, in the third there is roach, in the fourth there are bulls from the Sea of ​​Azov. After all, am I a fisherman or not a fisherman? And I’ll sell the fish that doesn’t fit into the freezer, but there’ll be a penny. ”

He will train kilometers of networks, and then suddenly bad weather will fly for several days. On a boat in a strong wind does not swim. And the networks are. The fish tangled in them dies. Yes, if only fish, and even other animals: flats, dives, turtles. Then our “hero” will take off the nets, see that they are clogged with “green stuff” and dohlyatina, and throw them in the river. It’s not a royal thing, messing with dirty networks, it’s easier to buy new ones, since they sell them at every corner for 500 rubles per 100 meters.

Sad story. It is especially depressing that there is no fiction in it, one truth
What happened to that kind kid who 30 years ago felt sincere joy from every bite, let go of small fish? Where has everything gone? Why did fishing for him turn into dirty fishing, into a means of earning money? No answer. Maybe someone knows what makes these guys become poachers?

What is it, if Rosrybolovstvo itself in the Tver region conducts a raid on Seliger, they seize the prohibited fishing gear, do not complete everything according to the law, but they cook the ear from the practically stolen FBG from the state and involve minors in this crime. Then they report about it to the media. And what do you call it?
The boy grew up, fishing for permitted gear, but then, the authorities passed laws on spawning bans. Prohibitions of gratuitous fishing in fishing areas
And the fish supervision began to tear up fines from the boy, and let his acquaintances even for serious violations, for bribes, but for good health. Yes, and the fish protection workers themselves, what is the sin, do not mind poaching or escorting one of your friends so that, God forbid, not disturb anyone who did not take a fish place.
Looking at this mess and the boy thought, “Why get into the little things. To stick in so big, maybe I get away with it. And it comes off quite often. If the inspector of fish protection had not spread rot for fishing rods and spinning rods, even in the forbidden period and in the forbidden area, you would look and catch the boy only on his own table, but to the delight of his family.

With our laws, you bought a boat with a motor and it’s already a poacher, it’s better for you to write a scribbler about how the Ministry of Emergencies and many other state structures put networks everywhere and no one will punish them because they are all of the same structure as “sovereign children.” who is not considered. with drivers, workers, pensioners they are rednecks, so do not use the word poacher.

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