Fishing at night
Like many forest rivers, the Big Kokshaga is quite complex in nature and not immediately understandable even for a professional feeder or spinning. All these features must be recognized, as…

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On a leash with live bait
An important feature of autumn fishing. On a leash with a snare bait. Feeder tackle. There is probably no better time for fishing than quiet sunny days and cold nights…

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Closer to the fall, the conditions of any fishing change
From a boat or shore? Aksakovskaya bream fishing. From the boat to the donka. Closer to the fall, the conditions of any fishing are changing. Especially these changes are noticeable…

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Cannibals among fish

What kind of fish would not mind to scorn and gobble up your brother by blood? And what do we fishermen care about who among the fish devours each other?

Many of the fish in our reservoirs are not particularly sensitive and scrupulous in their choice of food and prey, even if they are individuals of the same species. If we talk about eating the eggs of a neighbor for spawning, and of its own species, then all fish sin from this, from conditionally peaceful to notorious predators. Too, apparently, this food is tasty and high-calorie – caviar. In addition, any quieter and laziest peaceful fish would not mind catching the fry if it suddenly appears next to the mouth of a hypocrite carp at the wrong time and in the wrong place … Especially if the carp or bream are stately and large fish.

Few river fish guard their offspring
Such defenders of their eggs and fry include pike perch, and, according to some information, it’s men, dads. Such fanged and thorny dads on maternity leave … Therefore, often after spawning, when, it would seem, the spinning player is the time to wait for the active bite and fattening of the spawned predator, this bite never comes. And only in late May and early June, zander begins to actively grab the bait and bait fish.

But back to the cannibals among the fish
What do we fishermen care about who among the fish devours each other? First of all, it is curious. And then, knowing the cannibals “in person”, you can calculate their very favorite bait. How? And about this we will go further in the process of telling about fish who like to eat breakfast as their closest neighbor, if he is somewhat smaller in size.

What kind of fish would not mind to scorn and gobble up your brother by blood?
The most secretive and poorly studied cannibals among predatory fish include the nocturnal predator – burbot. This fish is generally placed in initially favorable conditions for itself by the fact that, firstly, it hunts and feeds at night, when all self-respecting normal fish inspect the tenth dream, yawning at the driftwood that has turned green from mud. Attack a sleepy fish and swallow it, taking advantage of a helpless state, a burbot is a favorite thing. This is not for you to chase after a flock of silver bleak scrolling around, like perches. Just fall open and swallow a sleeping fish. Secondly, when the pre-winter and winter periods come and the fish slide into the wintering pits, the burbot generally comes with a feast of the abdomen. Many of the cyprinid fishes are in a daze, almost similar to suspended animation. And here the burbot has a big choice. You can choose who is fatter and tastier. And although the nocturnal predator at this time spawns, when not before eating, but before the onset of the breeding season in December-January and after it, the burbot chews in black … This is understandable. After all, he will have to doze all summer under a snag and in a hole, waiting for the water to become colder again with the arrival of autumn frosts. But even with such a wide, it would seem, choice of victim, the burbots for some reason quite often choose their fellow tribesmen for food, which are smaller in size. How many times have I found in the stomachs of relatively large burbots of semi-digested burbots, although there were a lot of roach and ruff on the border of a thick-hole pit and a roll. Apparently, several factors work. Firstly, eating a growing fellow tribe, the predator removes the future competitor in the struggle for food. And, secondly, small burbots are tender and swallowy, that is, tasty and easy to swallow.


The size of a fellow tribe’s perch is often not an obstacle for attacking and devouring a brother in a herd, with which maybe twenty minutes ago he drove flocks of fry in shallows, hunting with a pen. And then he will look at a comrade and a colleague will like him with his size, they say, there is so much meat, this is clearly not small. And attack. Often on forest lakes perches fall on the vents, taking perches of perch just a little less in size. And bait, sometimes, sticks out of the mouth of the striped aggressor halfway. It’s all the same not to be swallowed by the ад jadege ’, but it is attacking. And then often both die. That’s what greed brings.


Probably, all fishermen saw and caught bait in the form of a small pike or with a pike head, as well as bait with a typical pike color. Which fish will dare to attack a pike? Only the pike itself … Often, such lures attract the spotted predator most of all. And live bait are the best – small squint. True, firstly, you can’t always catch them, and, secondly, it is forbidden to use such squint in the form of live bait.


And that’s not all cannibal fish
Rotans are no less greedy fish hunters of their kind. There are other cannibals.

Ice cage
Schemes of the device gear. Zherlitsa according to the scheme: stand-rack-coil-spring ... Is it worth it to rush to the gear to catch fish in time? Zerglitsa-tripods. Necklaces for fixed…


Fishing line requirements
The line requirements are also different. For a river with its strong course, braided fishing line that does not have elasticity and cuts water well is best suited. In addition,…


Pike does not take, then we catch burbot
This time, there were few and not in vain fishermen on the old man near the water intake. Only ruffians pecked at the bait. And only one small pike fell…


When the moon burns and takes burbot
Night burbot fishing. Preparing for fishing. The alarm of fate rings in the sky, and blood is burning with excitement ... Burbot night fishing Night fishing requires some preparation for…