Fly fishing

Fisherman, think: do you become a poacher?
An instructive story about how a young fisherman grew up and became a poacher. It is especially depressing that there is no fiction in it, one truth. Quiet summer morning.…

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Onboard donks on a small river
Is it appropriate to use specific donks at shallow depths of rivers, both small and large? Report. Catching on-board donkeys is unique and passionate in its own way. The bite…

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When the moon burns and takes burbot
Night burbot fishing. Preparing for fishing. The alarm of fate rings in the sky, and blood is burning with excitement ... Burbot night fishing Night fishing requires some preparation for…

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How to find your autumn fishing

A sad time … It is unlikely … An onboard fishing rod and a “warm” perch.

A good technique is a bike. A golden autumn, a chilly morning and, it happens, you will go out of town through the hoarfrost and you will be met by delicious transparent air. It has a sensation of piercing style. It smells of withered grass, a fallen leaf and, as if already, snow. Although the snow is still far away. Apparently fresh frost on the stale grass gives this smell.

And then the foggy expanse of the highway opens ahead, and gray meadows stretch along it, where sleepy cows roam and stumble over the bumps of the jerking corncrake.

In the near autumn travel we always go on bicycles. In addition to the feeling of the close nature and manifestations of its departure, the bicycle has a great advantage: we will go where cars do not get. Often, those who come to them, beat the living water with an electric shock or crap after themselves as if they were living the last day, or they will never return here. We also drive by car, for the most part – to the Volga, but this does not happen often, and when we come to the Great Water we never leave trash after ourselves. Continue reading

Fishing Rules Again

The officials are still deciding our fate … Putting the law into practice. How much can be stored and exported. About catch rates.

This topic excites, and the fishing community will excite for a long time, and this topic was re-developed on August 7 in connection with a meeting led by the head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Ilya Shestakov, which was held in Astrakhan. It was about the implementation of the recently adopted Federal Law “On amateur fishing.”

The meeting was attended by representatives of Russian fishing organizations, with a dozen governors and even deputies of the State Duma of Russia. Why was Astrakhan chosen for this Russian forum? Probably due to the fact that for many ordinary fishermen these places are considered to be some kind of fishing Eldorado, an earthly fishing paradise, where every fisherman would like to go during his lifetime … But not everyone succeeds. It takes time and relatively large financial investments. Despite the legendary fame of these places in the lower Volga, the Astrakhan fishermen themselves do not live very well, if we talk not about fishing, but about a banal “household”, from which the Russian citizen can not escape, wherever he lives. And these are shamefully low salaries, pensions, for which it is impossible to die at the current rates of “grave diggers”, or rather the mafia on death. It is clear that Astrakhan fishermen always solved these problems, as the situation dictated to them, when you live in places of concentration of all fish, including sturgeons. Continue reading

Autumn perches

The night burbot fishing failed, but the perches pecked quite decent.

Bright and quiet beauty of golden autumn reigned around. The evening light lay on the bathes of birch trees and oak trees, highlighted the contrasting shadows and sharply outlined the drylands. In the clear air there was the bitterness of wilting and at the same time – the freshness of cold herbs, touched by evening dew. It smelled of icy water, clarified to tear transparency. Somewhere cautious footsteps were heard, a crack of a dry branch, and then suddenly, as if a herd had passed through a forest … And this, it seems, was a herd. It turns out that the path is damaged! .. In some places I went around it along the grassy roadsides, and sometimes I had to climb the hills in order to go along the level ground, and not break my legs along the potholes and loose knolls. Boars … Pigs in the literal and figurative sense … After all, they would have dug in a lowland, under oaks. There are enough acorns and roots. Put down only the snout of your ravenous insatiable. No, you have to ruin the way for the fisherman and the hunter. What should I look for on the trampled path? .. Then it only dawned on me: it is good for wild families here in desolate solitude, because of this the path is destroyed in front of man. Continue reading

About feeder fishing and the dangers of superstition

The opinion of the extraordinary superstition and mystical mood of anglers has already become classic and somewhat erased. All this is true, but it is not difficult to find the cause of such oddities. A true fisherman spends half his life fishing, and retires the rest … How can one be a dry pragmatist and realist, spending the night by the fire under the cold gaze of the full moon – Queen Inferno? And how not to believe in the Law of Meanness, if it constantly confirms its right to exist. For a banal experiment, a lot is not required. It takes a couple of weeks to “plow” at the most dirty work, for example, a slave in a galley or a house master from a former classmate who has long invited to hammer a nail into the wall. In this case, you must constantly think and dream about two or three days of fishing with an overnight stay, which will be of such and such a day and day. Dreams must be voiced by witnesses, they say, oh, I’ll go fishing and fish, I’ll catch a fish, I’ll take triple aromatic vodka under my ear! .. Yes, far from my wife and children … Until all this is predicted and dreamed, wetted by labor sweat, it won’t stop on the street the bright sun will shine and the clouds will look like pink lambs. But as soon as the evening arrives before the blessed and long-awaited fishing, when dirty clouds are dragged from somewhere, they flop on the tops of poplars and weep in tedious sea-rain, which will last exactly as many days as were allowed for such an expected fishing. But once you get to work, the sun smiles again and the white clouds float slowly over the horizon … Continue reading

Perch and Pike Lesser Chaplac

The baby was not caught, the predator did not take, and did not want to leave. What can help in this situation?

This small village does not stand out anything special. The usual rural landscape with fields and copses, wooden houses, rickety and black from old age, and stone houses with a claim to design. This is clearly summer residents from the city settled. The village is also known for the fact that Dmitry Medvedev came here as a president of the Russian Federation. Like, it was only thanks to Dmitry Anatolyevich that the water supply was carried out in the village and the road was repaired. Many more villages in Russia need to be visited by the president so that they give water and cars can pass without capsizing into a ditch …

And beyond the outskirts a long pond turns blue, apparently stretching along the channel of a damp, flooded river. Several times I have been to it. Somehow in August I got here on a bite of a tench, rather large, but lazy. I took “a teaspoon at an o’clock” … But basically I was interested in a predator here. The main advantage of this river pond is that it is very close to the city. At the same time there is a fish and quite large, if we talk about the lines. But the pike comes across. True, I didn’t catch more than a kilogram of weight here. And even that was on the first ice. Continue reading

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