Fly fishing

Onboard donks on a small river
Is it appropriate to use specific donks at shallow depths of rivers, both small and large? Report. Catching on-board donkeys is unique and passionate in its own way. The bite…

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Fishing Rules Again
The officials are still deciding our fate ... Putting the law into practice. How much can be stored and exported. About catch rates. This topic excites, and the fishing community…

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Rollton Cakes
Nothing, nothing, men, if you try it, you don’t like it - it’ll go to lure ... On this day, there was no bite on Borovskaya, at least on the…

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How rivers and crayfish die

… crayfish and huge schools of perches and other fish, which suddenly also appeared in shallow water, began to crawl out to the clay bank near the shore …

I decided to meet the morning closer to the pontoon bridge, where the reservoir narrows and returns to the riverbed. There I met a fisherman with one fly seven-meter fishing rod.

It turned out that the day before he had caught several scavengers and a three kilo carp here. This was encouraging. But I spent the morning without bite. However, that fisherman was also nearby with his lucky fly fishing rod. But he did not see the bite. Here it should be clarified that these events occurred after the next rainstorm, only this time of an unusually long and strong.

In the morning it seemed strange to me that crayfish began to crawl out onto the clay bank near the shore. This, of course, spoke of clean water, where these arthropods usually live, but why do they inadvertently expose their sides to lovers of beer with crayfish in broad daylight? Here crayfish, even with nets and hands, collect … Continue reading

On the Volga from the shore

In the morning, the Volga resembles a large lake. Almost no current, and along the coast stretch strips of greenery. HPS gates usually open at around ten o’clock. Only then can you start the engine and go to checked their places. Such places are mostly located on the right high bank of the Volga in the area of ​​the village of Kokshaysk, where both the depth is greater and the current is stronger. There you need heavy gear and powerful anchors. Donka – “ringing” with a kilogram of lead in the feeder – the most popular gear. Large ides, bream keep here and from time to time make themselves felt with sharp bites and the ringing of a bell on the gatehouse of the onboard donka. But all this is possible when the “give” the current. In the early morning, if one cannot sleep, one can only admire the beauties of nature.

Volga shore

I have a spinning and feeder always in stock
Any fishing is unpredictable: either there is no bite, then it takes a predator or other fish, which was not hoped for. It happens differently in fishing, and it is better to have different gear. Continue reading

Closer to the fall, the conditions of any fishing change

From a boat or shore? Aksakovskaya bream fishing. From the boat to the donka.

Closer to the fall, the conditions of any fishing are changing. Especially these changes are noticeable on small rivers. A warm summer dawn, it happened, you will anchor along the edge of the coastal strip of grass and, you can say, a fishing place has been found. Thickets of egg-capsule and hornwort are usual companions of shallow water on a slope into a pit. It is understandable: aground, the water warms up better and is saturated with sunlight. And if the place is located right next to the river bed, then the water here usually goes around and this stretch is most often quite deep and rich in fish.

From a boat or shore?
Autumn fishing from a boat can be more productive than from the shore, since it is easier to find exits to the pit and grooves-hollows from the boat among flat depths. Here, most often the fish keeps and makes its morning and evening exercises for feeding.

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We go fishing

The technique of fishing on the “bulldozer”. What kind of fish is being caught. The similarities and differences of the “bulldozer” from non-mountable mormyshek. The versatility of the bait.

Despite the strange name, implying something stupid, absurd, this bait is nevertheless very effective in catching a variety of predators. It can be a perch with a palm and a weighty humpback weighing a kilogram. Any other predator will not refuse the bulldozer. And here there can also be a large variation in the weight and size of the predator attacking the bait – from the mumps and gnarls to large predators. Something “bastard” fascinates the fish, and it grabs a clearly large bait for it.

“Balda”, so to speak, is part of the family of non-muzzle mormyshek and most of all resembles such bait as “devil”, “goat”, “jellyfish”. And well, if this bait will always be in the organizer of the fisherman. Continue reading

If we get lucky

Surprises of small rivers. How can you seduce an autumn pike on a small river.

It happens that you go around the banks with a spinning rod more than one whirlpool and reach, wave away more than one kilometer, but the river seemed to have died out. Here, it seems, is the crown place: a hole surrounded by reeds, in which icy sleepy water stands and slowly swirls. The fishing line rustled, shot up, and the bait went almost to the opposite shore. Bulk … Pause … But you can’t lower the snag to the bottom, and what is the snag hiding at the bottom? You spend the lure, it seemed, where the pike certainly should be: next to dry algae and reeds. Then you send her on a journey over the pit. And water is just as lifeless, and from this it gets colder on the heart. You sit down, smoke, cursing that again only admire the scenery. Have a bite of what God sent … well, there and not only what exactly God … It seems to get warmer somewhere inside, the icy gloom will thaw.
What, they say, to us? Is it empty for the first time to come back? As if in response to an optimistic mood, the sun looks out, and everything is already appearing in a different light. You send the snag again on free flight, but this time you are no longer afraid to catch the black and green driftwood snag. Spinner lay to the bottom. Continue reading

Ice cage
Schemes of the device gear. Zherlitsa according to the scheme: stand-rack-coil-spring ... Is it worth it to rush to the gear to catch fish in time? Zerglitsa-tripods. Necklaces for fixed…


On the channel near the Horseshoe
Pike is envious of someone else's hunt. Tired of the grip of little things, built a "tandem" ... Today I go spinning along the channel near the island of Horseshoe.…


What sick fish in rivers and lakes
About the most common parasites living on the bodies of fish. The questions of their vital activity are covered, whether parasites are so dangerous for humans, and much more. Parasitological…


Burbot sweet fish
Pike never managed to persuade high atmospheric pressure these days. Although in places remote, on the Volga and Vetluga, she, apparently, still came across, especially to the one who was…