Fly fishing

We go fishing
The technique of fishing on the "bulldozer". What kind of fish is being caught. The similarities and differences of the "bulldozer" from non-mountable mormyshek. The versatility of the bait. Despite…

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Horse fish can slurp
Fishing on top during the golden days of Indian Summer. What is the reason for the fish’s unwillingness to peck? More than once in the summer I heard a frank…

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Burbot sweet fish
Pike never managed to persuade high atmospheric pressure these days. Although in places remote, on the Volga and Vetluga, she, apparently, still came across, especially to the one who was…

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Rye bread

Rybina obviously fed on top. How to take it?

Today I am on Rutka. Sorog has already passed. Pecked mostly local fish. Now the top of the donkey jerked from sharp jerks. I am hunting out a small scammer. A worm was planted here. And on the hook of the feeder, I remember, I planted a reel of cool semolina as a test. The scavenger there was two times larger than this, which he took on the worm. I put semolina on the hook of the donkey.

Something early, the fish switched to flour and vegetable baits. Although … It all depends, apparently, on the temperature of the water. Compared to air, the water seemed quite warm, almost in summer. Perhaps it’s time for the fish to adapt to summer conditions.

Cool was funny. Either the feeder or the donka were shaken from hitting the top and spring scammers resisted on the fishing line. I was already convinced that it was in my plan, thinking that I had fallen into the spring zhor of a bream, as the fish suddenly stopped taking, quite … banal, cut it off … And this coincided with the rise of the morning sun on the teeth of light forest on the opposite bank. Classic! Only the classics are somehow strange, more suitable for the hot July. Continue reading

Fisherman’s Dreams – Tent Stack CUBE 2

Tent Stack KUB 2 can be called the embodiment of a fisherman’s dream, where a relatively low price is combined with the best qualities of a tent for winter fishing and overnight on ice. And first of all, this relates to the protection of the fisherman from external influences, which is facilitated by a three-layer coating consisting of an awning, the material of which is Oxford 300PU synthetic windproof fabric, a lower quilted sintepon awning and a taffet-type lining fabric with a thermal stitch. The top of the Stack KUB 2 tent is 75 percent composed of breathable tarpaulin, which makes it possible to use various heaters in the form of gas stoves without the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, the tent is equipped with a ventilation window with a zipper.

Tent Stack CUBE 2. Three-layer, breathable

The tent with the full name STEC “KUB-2” OXFORD 300 is made in the form of a cube, which in recent years has become increasingly popular among anglers. And that is understandable. This shape makes the tent more spacious and bulk inside. In addition, the height of this tent is 185 cm, which allows a rather tall fisherman to stand in a tent at full height, without bending down, as in many tents of the same characteristics and price. The full size of STEK “KUB-2” OXFORD 300 in length, width and height is 185x185x185 cm. And this is a voluminous and comfortable home with a water resistance of 3000 mm. Continue reading

Good thermal underwear for a low price

Everyone, probably, a fisherman, experienced what it was like to walk several kilometers along a snow-covered winter reservoir, when breaking through the crust, shoe covers fall into a sticky porridge of snow and water, and then they knock on the ice monolith. And so – every step, which is gained a lot in kilometers of travel. It’s not always possible to get to the catching hole on a “motor dog”, “karakat” and a snowmobile. And walking with sled drags behind your back is often the only possible way to travel on ice, especially on thin and dangerous ice for snowmobiles. On foot there is such an insidious feature. While walking, even in the most severe frost it becomes hot in a fishing suit, sweat literally pours and soon ordinary underwear will become wet. Then, sitting at the hole, the angler in such wet underwear will desperately freeze, even when it is not so cold. And in the cold and wind, this can cause a cold. And it will not be time for fishing when the body is pierced by cold and beats trembling. Therefore, in any active fishing, the role of thermal underwear is very important, which holds heat and evaporates moisture well. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that our attraction to natural wool, half-woolen and cotton fabrics, from which some models of thermal underwear are sewn, is not always justified and appropriate. Continue reading

Fishing line requirements

The line requirements are also different. For a river with its strong course, braided fishing line that does not have elasticity and cuts water well is best suited. In addition, it allows you to better determine the bite. Monofilament fishing line, stretching along the stream in an arc, just may not show touch and even jerking fish, especially with long casting. On the ponds, you can put both monophilic fishing line and braid.

The shape of the feeder is also important when fishing on the stream. Usually, rectangular or triangular-shaped feeding troughs are used here, so that their discharge along the bottom in a strong current is less. Before fishing with a filled feeder, a test cast with an empty feeder should be done to determine its ability to stay on the bottom without feeding. Otherwise, after it is washed, it will be thrown down by the force of the current. To make the feeders heavier, you can put an additional load inside the feeder or fix a heavy plate on the bottom. At ponds, feeding troughs of the type method or flat were widely used. The design of the Method, Flat feeders allows for long-distance accurate casting due to compactness and weight, while the bait is laid taking into account the still water – freely, like on a spoon for thick-breasted gourmet crucians. In addition, these feeders do not fall into soft sludge. Continue reading

Feeder in Russian

Like all donkeys, even the simplest ones, the feeder can be called one of the most common and universal gears. Fishermen with a feeder may be silver bleak, although it is considered a surface fish, as well as a steep-sided and goldfish. But, of course, the main goal of any angler is a heavy bream or a powerful and rapid ide. It is the feeder that is most suitable for catching these beautiful and desirable fish. Especially if fishing comes from the shore. In this English bottom fishing rod, such accessories as a feeder and leashes directly connected to it are successfully combined. For quite a long time, the Volga pits near the fairway were my favorite and constant places of fishing. At the right high and mountain coast of the Volga, only one tackle could cope with a strong current – the “ring”. It also guesses the features of the feeder. And a lighter Volga tackle with a feeder suspended on a fishing line, which was also used on the Volga, but near the left bank with shallow coastal depths, already resembles a feeder, only an onboard one.

To some extent, the feeder replaces fishing from a boat, and in some cases it is he who is more catchy than an onboard donka with a feeder suspended on a fishing line. This is especially true for small rivers with shallow depths. Not so long ago, on the Bolshaya Kokshaga River, I came across a situation where, it would seem, the airborne donka should be ahead of the feeder and coastal donks in terms of performance. We became attached to a fallen spruce just above a rather deep hole where a large fish was kept. Continue reading

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