Fly fishing

How rivers and crayfish die
... crayfish and huge schools of perches and other fish, which suddenly also appeared in shallow water, began to crawl out to the clay bank near the shore ... I…

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Perch and Pike Lesser Chaplac
The baby was not caught, the predator did not take, and did not want to leave. What can help in this situation? This small village does not stand out anything…

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Logs Mugs
... In the light of thunder-storm flashes, like a native of inferno, a bristling clod of four kilograms of glance at us looked from us in the net ... For…

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Bad bream

Where to catch bream? Successful and effective methods of catching bream in bad weather. Tackle and bait for fishing.

During the period of autumn cooling with the arrival of long rains, northerly winds and a sharp change in water temperature, the fishing conditions also change sharply. This also applies to fishing for bream. What are the first noticeable changes in the conditions of fishing and the reaction of fish to these changes? Here you can immediately note the attraction of bream and other “white” fish to other deeper places. If in the summer, when breams are kept on small rivers along the edge of aquatic vegetation, especially if this edge coincides with the channel edge, then with a steady cooling, the fish selects deep-sea eyebrows in the whirlpools and under steep banks. As a rule, it makes no sense to throw a float fishing rod over a strip of water lilies where the greenery is still only touched by yellowness, but there are often fewer fish there. Even the small roach numerous here, literally teeming with grass in the summer, is moving somewhere at that time. A fish usually gets closer to the wintering pits. Continue reading

Proper installation of a floating boil

How to mount a floating boilie and remove the “idle” bites? Basic rules to improve the performance of bites.

Novice anglers often encounter the problem of “blank” bites when fishing on boilies. The signaling device shyly peeps, the fishing line stretches slightly, but the long-awaited steam engine is still gone. This situation suggests that there is fish at the feeding point, she is interested in the nozzle, but refuses to bite. Numerous underwater shots, which can be seen on the Internet, often capture how a carp takes a boilies with a hook and spits it out without detecting it. At this time, the fisherman hears that the bite signaling device has tripped and immediately subsided. The reason for this phenomenon is the improper installation of the boil. It would seem that it could be simpler: I drilled a boil, did it with an awl, put a stopper and catch it. But not so simple. The smallest details are important in carp fishing. Proper presentation of the attachment is the key to successful fishing. Continue reading

Fly fishing rod

Classic fishing. What is the difference between fly fishing rods. Fishing line. Floats. Hooks

The fly fishing rod is probably the most popular and widespread tackle among Russian fishermen. Probably, such a love for this tackle is generally associated with attachment to the float fishing rod of all segments of the population, from schoolchildren to gray-haired pensioners. And that is understandable. After all, this is a classic fishing. A fly fishing rod is not much different from the traditional Aksakov uda, consisting of a fishing rod, fishing line, float, sinker and hook. Only modern fishing rods are made of durable and lightweight carbon fiber, which is also used in the keel of flywheel floats.

Fly fishing rod

Swing fishing rods are distinguished by the fact that they do not have access rings, as well as reel known for bamboo fishing rods. Do not put on the flywheel and the wire reel, as on conventional telescopic rods. Continue reading

Fishing at the pond in summer

What kind of fish and what gear do fishermen catch on village ponds.

Fishermen at the pond in summer

Of course, first of all, on a village pond in the summer, there is a real expanse for fishing anglers who will not exchange their fishing rod with classic equipment for anything, but it was used a couple of centuries ago. And even though here on this pond, literally thirty meters, if you walk along the shore, they catch carps five, seven kilograms, sometimes harder, but for lovers of fly fishing rods, carp are more expensive than the largest carps caught on heavy carp rods. And, strangely enough, for some reason, the largest crucian carp come closer to the coastline. Fishermen with a six-meter fly fishing rod sometimes have worse results for large crucian carp than fishermen with a five-meter fishing rod. But the situation is different with carps. Continue reading

What sick fish in rivers and lakes

About the most common parasites living on the bodies of fish. The questions of their vital activity are covered, whether parasites are so dangerous for humans, and much more.

Parasitological analysis of fish
Systematic scientific research that allows us to create a more or less complete list of fish parasites has not been carried out here since the 60s of the last century !!! There are, of course, very good and interesting works on this topic, but they relate, as a rule, to one reservoir or a specific species of fish, or a specific parasite (group of parasites). And so, to look and describe everything in a row, making a complete parasitological analysis of all types of fish, in all regions of the country (from the capital to the outskirts), in various reservoirs, in all seasons of the year – this has not happened for a long time.

Although, of course, in order to study in detail the parasitofauna (totality of parasites) of all species of fish in all reservoirs of the country, the work of several large institutes would have been required over the course of several generations. But it’s better to give a small piece of live, real information than not at all. Continue reading

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